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February 2018

We prepared a short (20 sec) Image Film from our company.

We made a longer version (50 sec) for gourmets with cut scenes.

Christmas donations 2017

Our company has been operating in Bicske for over 20 years now and it has become one of the biggest employers in the city. We consider very important to play an active role outside these frames to and to take on board some projects that contribute to the wellbeing of the community. Therefore, every year our funds dedicated to charity are distributed amongst local people and institutions.

This year we donated  IT equipments worth several hundreds of thousands of Forints to the local Vajda János Secondary Grammar School. The Grammar School was delighted to receive such donation and we were offered the honour of handing over the items at their Christmas celebration. The Angel of the company has further distributed 100 000 Forints to local families in difficult financial situations. This could have not happened without the participation of the local council – we would like to grab the opportunity and express our gratitude for their help and cooperation here.

20th  December 2017 – Christmas dinner

After a poll amongst our colleagues, we decided to finish the year with an exquisite dinner, characterised by quality food and fantastic atmosphere. This event not only marked the end of the year, with a last evaluation speech of our results by our chief executive officer, but we also celebrated our colleagues who have been with the company for 10 and 15 years now. Just before dinner, co-workers who play key roles in our activities contributing actively to our achievements with ideas and successes in the frame of Kaizen philosophy, were also awarded with special surprises. 

Great food, superb music and the nice company all came together to create a cracking event. Our colleagues already know it: it is great to work together, it is great to celebrate together.

October 2017, “The Month of Exhibitions”


In October our company participated as exhibitor on two well-known international fairs. This year the Fakuma: International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing in Friedrichshafen took place on the 42nd week, just like the Automotive Hungary Exhibition in Budapest. Therefore we had to split our resources to make sure we do not miss any of these events. During both fairs we shared valuable conversations with the existing and potential visiting clients.

Automotive Exhibitions

From left: Lajos Nagy, Diána Nagy-Freész, Károly Nagy, Ferenc Tyechlár, Gergely Biró

Fakuma Exhibitions

From left: Viktor Paholik, Jörg Broghammer, Gabi Hoffmann, Hans-Georg Huonker

Sitting line from left: Our valued partners, Melanie Dziuba, Markus Blank

16 September 2017, Family Day 

Despite the cloudy weather, large number of the Huonker Hungária Ltd. workers had arrived by the time the event kicked off. Everyone was looking forward to the programmes with excitement: delicious lunch, snacks and drinks, quizzes, factory tour music and performances.

Ambulance and Fire Fighter services of Bicske city also participated: children had the opportunity to get inside a real ambulance van and a fire truck, under the supervision of the extremely helpful and friendly professionals. A pop-up playground was also set up, and even the adults could try some of the featured games.

A good old beef goulash could not be missed from such event, representing the best of traditional Hungarian cuisine, but the trendy gourmet feature, the pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw were also great success.

Performances included traditional folkdance from Szár, and to finish off there was a great concert presented by the Nyári Family.

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon spent together, so we just need to make sure it goes in our calendars for the upcoming years, too! 🙂

May 2017, Bicske Town Fair appearance

Our company has been operating in Bicske for over 20 years. By now we have grown to be one of the biggest employers in the town, being a well-known and recognised actor of the sector in the region and also nationwide, in the fields of plastic injection moulding and metalworking.

This year we have made a first appearance at the Bicske Town Fair and we hope to convert this into tradition. The event was held in the Város Szíve Square which translates to Heart of the Town Square. Our aim was to raise awareness of the existence and fields of activities of the company, and also to share current job opportunities we offer to the citizens.

We are happy to announce: it was a successful day. Many families came along and got to know our company with more details, and children left with small gifts we prepared for them. Some of the visitors later actually joined us as new employees.

Our stand on the main square




First the weather was not too nice… But as soon as the sun came out, many children and adults enjoyed the event.





April 2017, Open Day

At Huonker Hungaria, we consider it essential to attract skilled labour force. In order to find the best skilled workers already during their formation, we organise open days on a regular basis, inviting students who are planning to master skills that are of good use in the industry and possibly vision their futures by our company.

On 26th April we received toolmaker students of two schools: The TSZC Fellner Jakab Vocational School based in Tatabánya, and the TSZC Blathy Ottó Vocational Grammar and Boarding School based in the town of Tata.

After a presentation about the company, the students were shown around in the production premises, where they could get an insight to the processes of injection moulding and percision metalwork. The could gain some experience in the practical aspect of the theories they have been studying at school and they also had the opportunity to encounter new things: we presented to them our brand new state-of-the-art CNC machine at our workshop

2017 April, Team building event

 The management of Huonker Hungary took part on team building and organization development event at Jankovich Hotel, Rácalmás between 21-23 of April.

 During the event we managed several common tasks, made an advertising film, row in a dragon boat, completed a GPC tour with mind-breaker questions in the thick forest of the nearby island.

Introducing the Kaizen culture in the Huonker group – our common goal is continuous improvement

It was in October 2016, on the international strategy meeting of the company held in Titisee that Hans Georg Huonker, owner of the group declared: our common goal is the continuous improvement of the group and the new tool helping us to achieve this will be the Kaizen, an approach with great history and numerous stories of success. Apart from the Hungarian and German colleagues taking part, the Kaizen consultant of the company, Mr Sebastian Joos from Pro-Comet Company also attended this event.

The importance of this new approach was highlighted by Mr Jürgen Voigt, who is in charge of introducing this new culture and also by Mr György Nagy, the Chief Executive Officer of the Hungarian company. During workshops they also made the reasons clear, why the approach is being introduced.

 At the event, both Hungarian and German parties agreed on the first Kaizen projects, and on the first step of introducing this new approach, which would be the creation of the organisational structure needed for our activities, as well as laying down the basis and some rules. Also, Mr Sebastian Joos helped the participants in workshops to understand the essence of this approach and activities.

What exactly is Kaizen? What does the Kaizen culture mean?

Kaizen is a Japanese expression, created by the words Kai (change) and Zen (good, positive) Kaizen is an improvement process based on the company’s operating policies, in which all staff members participate. Kaizen is the driving force for continuous development and a motivation to inspire employees to look at their jobs in an innovative and developing way, as the biggest expert in their job are the employees themselves. In general, Kaizen aims to increase competitiveness, as in completing customer requests, increasing production, improving product and/or service quality, decreasing costs, minimising loss, keeping production schedules, improving efficiency, etc.

As Hans-Georg Huonker explained, we can only keep our position in the economic competition, if we establish the Kaizen ethos in the company, supporting by this strategy the solid foundation of steady company processes. This is what complies with, or in certain cases exceeds modern customer expectations.

As agreed, the introduction of the Kaizen ethos has started in both establishments. After defining the organisational structure and basic policies, our company decided that the first step would be introducing the 5S. The mutual progress during the process will be monitored and constantly discussed by Markus Motz, Kaizen commissioner in Germany and by Sandor Papp, Kaizen commissioner in Hungary. At the Hungarian company, there were a few days dedicated to 5S workshops in differing areas during December 2016 and January 2017. Sebastian Joos and Andreas Shmitt kindly assisted these occasions.

Concerned areas included works of the tool-maintenance workhouse, the metalworking plant and the injection moulding plant.

The workshops led to the following outcomes (among others):

removal of tools and parts weighing 250 kg, that proved to be redundant, therefore had been in storage unnecessarily

  • a new set-up of the devices in use
  • freeing a space of approx. 3m2
  • decreasing time of tool searching
  • establishing a transparent process
  • improving work atmosphere


Workshops are planned to be continued in March 2017, reaching this time areas like 5S in the office and optimising processes in the workhouse.

January 2017: Successful EFQM audit

 Last year, we have launched an EFQM project. It has been closing took place in a successful audit at end of the month. We are proud of the progress of our results, we thank all those involved in the preparation and participation!


What exactly is the EFQM Model?

 In 1991, 14 leading European companies have developed a management model (European Business Excellence Model) that provides help to companies who aspire to comply with these complex requirements. The model is coordinated by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), based in Brussels, Belgium. This model focuses on the excellence of the whole activity and operation of the company, not only on the excellence of its products or services; therefore overall performace and progress improves.

Our company started three new projects in 2016, and these were presented to the EFQM auditors yesterday. The projects are as follows:

  • Developing a new sales strategy
  • Introducing a bonus system
  • Workers’ suggestions system

 The auditor assessed an outstanding operation of all processes, so our company has gained the ”EFQM Committed to Excellence” certification for the next two years. Thank you for all who have contributed to the projects with their hard work and dedication!

December 2016: We wish you a Merry Christmas!

This year the ”angels” of the company gave away some presents to three different nurseries in Bicske. One institution received a mobile speaker system to make events more joyful and successful; others were presented with some salt-therapy equipment in order to help keeping the children healthy.

 The gifts were presented to the children and the representatives of the nurseries by Mr. György Nagy, Chief Executive Officer on a beautiful Christmas ceremony at the Mayor’s office of Bicske on 16th December 2016. Mayor of Bicske, Mr. Károly Pálffy also attended the event.

Christmas was celebrated within the factory on the same day. The present received from the parent company was a great success, as well as the sweets and vouchers distributed by the Hungarian management.

Pleasant atmosphere was guaranteed by the lovely food, Christmas music and also by a funny quiz show. The short event was great fun, we managed to sprinkle around some Christmas joy for all our workers just before the end-of-year holidays.

October 2016: Visit our parent company

The Management Board of Huonker Hungária Ltd., lead by Mr György Nagy, Chief-executive Officer, participated on the strategy meeting of the Huonker Group, which took place in the Marbach center of the parent company by the beautiful Titi-See, in the heart of the Black Forest. In this meeting all the principles and policies that shape and define the strategy and vision of the Group for the upcoming ten years were discussed and established.

 During a tour in the Marbach factory all the developments required for the new strategy were also discussed, as well as policies that need to be applied for an improved day-to-day functioning of the plants.


2016. Meeting the Mayor at Huonker Hungaria Ltd.

The Bicske factory of Huonker Hungaria Ltd was the scene of a special meeting on Thursday. The leaders of Huonker company had decided to seek a solution for the serious job-market situation together with the mayors and public notaries of Bicske and the surrounding municipalities. Bicske and its surroundings face constant labour shortage. It is mainly the lack of semi-skilled and skilled workers, and also this is the group that presents the biggest fluctuation within their job positions – says Csilla Vidó, manager of HRC Group, a leading temporary employment agency in the region.

György Nagy, Chief Executive Manager of Huonker Ltd in his welcome speech talked about the planned expansion of manpower, which presents the company an enormous problem. The factory, dedicated to injection moulding, magnetic injection moulding, part design and production and metalwork encounters difficulties in finding adequate labour force, and constantly struggles with high numbers of fluctuation. This leads to a constant shortage of labour.

After the opening speech, an interactive meeting was held where the officials of the surrounding municipalities and the leaders of the Huonker company could discuss possibilities of cooperation in order to help utilising efficiently the job opportunities arising for the local and surrounding population. Another discussion was held about how to bring closer the job supply and demand, either with enabling better flow of information, improving the facilities of public transport, or by offering trainings for the target group.

After the meeting the participants had the chance to visit the factory, have an insight to our production processes and check out the working environment. György Nagy appreciated the collective efforts in communicating and thinking over the problem in its complexity together, between the mayors of the surrounding municipalities and the company management. Improving the job opportunities for the local people is a common goal for all.

2016. Huonker applied for EFQM Business Excellence Model

EFQNOur company applied for the Brussels-based International EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) organizations Company Excellence Application 2016.

Our development goal is: To engage our employees and our customers


  1. Employee bonus system
  2. Sales development
  3. Kaizen, employee proactiveness system

Our company donate to the kindergardens of Bicske 2 toys that help children’s ability development

Our company donate to the kindergardens of Bicske 2 toys that help children’s ability development. The Smart Cube (Okos Kocka) is a Hungarian invention that is manufactured by family compani in Debrecen.

October 2015: We introduced our company in the new Gyártósor (Production line) magazine

October 2015, We introduced our company in the new Gyártósor (Production line) magazine.
The articel:

October 2015: Huonker participated in two exhibitions recently

October 2015, Huonker participated in two exhibitions recently.



Professional training and team building activities for our German and Hungarian colleagues

Last weekend (27-28th June, 2015) was dedicated to team building at the Huonker group.
Cooperation between the sites in Hungary and Germany is essential for our company, therefore our aim is to tighten the relationships between our colleagues of the two nations and optimise operational processes that involve both premises. So we organised a raft-building competition! Participants worked in two teams Saturday afternoon in Eging, on the banks of the river Passau to build a floating construction. We provided 6 blue plastic drums, 4 paddles, 8 lumbers and 32 pieces of rope, and let our colleagues to unfold their hidden talents and creativity. Afterwards we also tested the rafts, lined them up, ready, steady, go!

Despite the drizzle, the atmosphere was sparkling from the very first minute. Even the sun came out to see the rafts trying to make their ways to the finishing line! Within minutes we just had the coolest battle in the water, ever!

The excitement of the competition gave the Hungarian and German colleagues the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. The old-new friends participated in an event in the city of Passau Saturday evening. ”Eventually, we can link the names to faces” – was a common, relieved phrase during that night.

We opted for Passau, as the town lies right in between the Hungarian and the German sites of the company.

11/14 Electronica 14.11.2014. – Exhibiting our innovation – Plastic-bounded magnets

The biggest electronic sector exhibition and fair of the globe was held between 11 and 14 October, 2014. Hans Huonker Ltd had the chance to showcase their latest developments. Our main focus was to present the innovation of plastic-bonded magnets, mainly used in the fields of sensor technology and transmission technology. Hans Huonker Ltd is now able to produce the plastic and magnetic parts for inserted parts in one single production step.

The Electronica Show 2014, with over 73000 visitors coming from 80 countries of the world, and with 2737 exhibitors from 50 different countries seemed to be an ideal setting for the presentation of the development. Considering the feedback of our existent customers and the high rates of interest expressed by prospective ones, we concluded that the market received our innovation considerably well.