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Huonker Hungaria

Bicske, Hungary

  • Fittings and parts produced by injection moulding, gears
  • Low and medium volume series production

Huonker Hungária has been operating in Bicske for over 20 years now, dating back to 1995. The Hungarian branch has a German parent company int he background. The assembly manufactory starting with 12 workers over the years has become a medium sized enterprise, giving employment for 100 people. It also disposes of a complex and certified quality management and engineering department.

The Huonker mission is to make real and bring to success the superb ideas of our customers, guaranteeing high quality by our dedicated team members.

Building the future is top priority for our company. We are committed to development and innovative ideas, therefore in 2015 a separate Sales&Marketing Department was created with NPI project management responsibilities. In 2015 we continue developing our own tool workshop, enhancing it with more possibilities for tool maintenance and fixing, as well as independent CAD-CAM design potential for designing different parts and devices.

Our processes guarantee our competitiveness. We believe in a process driven organization is essential to ensure that even under high pressure we have the ability to deliver results on time, at the right cost and excellent quality. Our organisation has been enhanced with a few functions in 2015 in order to make our processes more stable; areas of production processes and company process-development, organisation development were concerned. Also in 2015 we updated and extended our production halls and offices. In October we participated in the Fakuma International Trade Fair for Plastics Industry in Germany (which has become a tradition for us by now), and in the Hungarian Automotive Exhibition in Budapest. Our colleagues present value for us.

The hard work and dedication of our colleagues is essential for our success. We rely on their ideas, suggestions targeting improvement in the framework of SMED and KAIZEN programmes. Our employees participate on regular trainings, in accordance with our Human Resources Development Strategy. We also aim to reach employee satisfaction with an individualised bonus system and different team building events.

We take responsibility for the environment (ISO 14001), for the future of the planet, therefore this year we have launched a power-management programme. Our strategic aim is to extend our presence and develop our products in the machinery industry, healthcare technology industry in electro-technology and in household electrical appliances industry, besides the automotive sector. Bearing in mind that in our region the automotive sector is a key industry, considering its size, expansion potential and production numbers. Also, the automotive industry can keep our company up-to-date expecting the vendors to stick to its strict system of requirements, that continuously expects us to keep improving.

Our international network in the field of metalworking and plastic industry is wide-spread. We serve customers in the automotive industry, machinery industry, healthcare technology industry and energetics. We deliver hybrid parts, connectors and even complex systems for our clients. Production processes are shaped to our clients’ requirements and we also offer a variety of innovative solutions.

How are we better than our competitors?

As specialists of plastic-and metal parts, we have developed a unique magnetic injection moulding technology that allows us to produce the poles via injection moulding in an optimum distribution. Our aim is to integrate this unique method with the production and overmoulding of metal gears and shafts. Hybrid technology became inseparably connected with the name Huonker: we do convert any idea into reality that includes plastic and metal as raw materials. At the same time, we also keep on developing our knowledge in the field of gear production. In the automotive industry our main focus is product development and production. From simple plastic parts to more complex systems, we produce and design sensors, connectors, hybrid- and electronic parts. In the machinery industry we can be trusted with anything from manual assembly to fully automatized production.

Do you need electric or electronic parts for your machinery? We will produce and assemble them! Intelligent, long-lasting, reliable solutions, even for extreme circumstances. We aim for practical solutions in the healthcare sector too, developing complex electronic components for surgical instruments or simpler disinfectant dispensers. We are considered as competent partners of a number of companies producing surgical instruments, medical tools and accessories. We invest energy in your energy saving! Cables, connectors, solar panels – we do have the solution!